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To be the ultimate destination for education, training and research in Sports sciences and Sports Management and thereby, cater to the fitness & health needs of the people at large and then for application of sport sciences to sports.


To equip Intermediate school leavers with operational management tools and skills to ascertain their employability in various fields, directly or indirectly related to sports.

Objectives Of ASSRM

  • To create skilled people in the field of sports pharmacy and sport sciences.
  • Provide skill training so that students gain professional expertise necessary to help, athletes & sports organisations, to develop excellence in Sports.
  • Carry out research in Sports Sciences & Management of Sports.
  • Help enhance sports in India.

News/Latest Updates

Message From Vice Chancellor

It gives me great pleasure to invite applications for the courses at Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management (ASSRM). This academy has been started under the aegis of the prestigious Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU). The university is relatively new, with the status of University being granted to DPSRU only in 2015, but it has a strong legacy of 53 years in providing quality education to the students.

National Sport Policy 2001 in Para 15 states:

“The significance of scientific back-up to sports stands well established. Accordingly, action will be initiated to strengthen this area, in accordance with international standards. Experts would be associated with each sports discipline or groups of sports disciplines, on a continuing basis, to provide the requisite support in terms of nutrition, psychology, medicine, pharmacology, physiology, bio-mechanics and anthropometry as well as other branches of sports sciences. Suitable mechanisms would be introduced to achieve co-ordination between the laboratory and the field, that is, between the coaches and the sports scientists, and particular care taken to ensure nutritional support to talented sports persons and to sustain their mental health and competitive spirit.”

In spite of the conceptualization and understanding importance of various aspects of Pharmacy and allied sciences, no where in the country and perhaps in the world, a specialized course was not introduced by any Academy or University. Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, the first University in India and second in the World, takes pride to start for the first time in India and probably internationally specialized Diploma as well as Degree courses in sports pharmacy & management from academic session 2017-18.

This has been possible because of the collaboration the University with SITDS culminated into Academy for Sports Sciences Research and Management (ASSRM). These courses are neither exclusive physical education course nor Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine or Sports Management. They have been designed such that in encapsulates all these parts with the prime target to guide and lead India building successful Sports Personnel’s at the International level.

India is home to the world’s second largest population, but has relatively lesser number of sportspersons who are excelling in sports at the global level. Recently, an expert committee deliberated extensively and came to the conclusion that integrating sports sciences with coaching is essential to develop excellence in sports. With that vision in mind, ASSRM was set up to equip the students with the required skills to meet the growing demands of the sports industry and also bridge the gap between the industry demands and the present skills in the marketplace. The global sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is growing at a rapid rate, year on year. In India, too, the sports industry is growing at a fast pace, with experts pegging the growth rates to greater than 18% per annum.

For any sports, it is not just the sportspersons who make the sporting event a success; rather, it is all the people combined including the support staff such as the event managers, infrastructure managers, dieticians, nutritionists, and Sports pharmacology etc. who help in making the sporting event a success. At ASSRM, comprising of a team of technical experts combined with sports experts who have decades of experience in sport talent identification and performance tracking, we aim to train the people so that they become skilled in the aforementioned jobs. With such an experienced and knowledgeable team, I am positive that we can help the students in achieving their dreams to work in the sports industry, thereby resulting in the growth of the overall sports industry in India. I take this opportunity to invite application from aspirants to take up career associated with sports.

Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh K. Goyal

Vice Chancellor -DPSRU

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