Life On Campus

Life On Campus

Located in the southern part of the bustling city of New Delhi, the Academy of Sports Sciences Research and Management, housed in the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University campus is home to students and staff from a plethora of different backgrounds and states of India.

Being in the capital city means that many amenities are just a few minutes' walk from the lecture room. As well as exploring New Delhi, take some time to discover what's available to you right here on campus at ASSRM.

Here for you :

Here at ASSRM, we want our students to work and play simultaneously. Students are not just expected to study, but also encouraged to participate actively and feel a part of the ASSRM student community. Whenever you need it, you'll be able to find lots of advice on everything from academic and personal matters, to study skills and careers guidance.

Refresh and revive :

Feel the need to grab a quick bite to eat between lectures? Or maybe you need a full-on breakfast to power you through the day. For most of your hunger pangs, you'll find plenty of food choices on campus.

There's also an SBI ATM right outside the gate of the campus.

Study :

You'll find plenty of air-conditioned classrooms and fully equipped, modern, state of the art laboratories to learn concepts and then apply those concepts to hone your practical skills.

Get some exercise :

Here at ASSRM, we have some of the best sports facilities available. If you desire to stay fit, you can enroll on one of ASSRM Sport’s fitness classes, or join the gym at Sports Centre.

Sports Centre :

Here, you can get involved in many different activities from lifting weights to playing football, basketball, and swimming. The facilities are freely available to the students. The outdoor sports ground is ASSRM’s football and multi-purpose sports ground. It is used for various sporting events.